Top Life Insurance Companies

It is difficult to compile a list of Top Insurance Companies, because everyone does not have the same needs. If 5 people compiled their top five lists, you would have quite a variety of different lists represented.

One person may be a young father living on a tight budget, but needing protection for the family he loves. He needs a good term life insurance policy. It is more affordable, and the benefits decrease as his children grow up and the mortgage is paid off. You may have another person who is looking more from an investment side of things, and a good whole life policy might be the best option.

While another may have no beneficiaries, and since the product you are purchasing is not available until you pass away, it is not very much of a priority to them, other than maybe for the investment potential on a policy on which you can borrow against without penalty. You may have a person who smokes and another who doesn’t want go to the doctor. All of these people will have lists of top life insurance companies that differ.

Here are some companies that are generally well-regarded that may be of help to you:

· Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation

· Protective

· West Coast

· Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of MA

· Transamerica

· Western Reserve

· AXA Equitable

· Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company

· Security Mutual

· The Penn Mutual

· Lincoln National

· Midland National

· North American Company for Life and Health

· Cincinnati Life Insurance Company

Just be mindful that the top life insurance companies are totally contingent upon your needs. And, like all insurance, it pays to shop around; you will different quotes within a particular category.